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About the company

We have travelled a long and successful journey. At present, we represent many foreign companies and have our own tool shop and plastic injection moulding plant. Thanks to our long experience in the hot runner systems and plastic injection moulding, we can offer complex solutions of moulds from the structural design, delivery of a complete mould assembled from certified standardized parts to final production of the required plastic mouldings.

We will be honoured to work with you.



The Bohumil Cempírek Cecho company was established in 1995 as a commercial and service representative of Ewikon, a German producer of hot runner systems. Since that time, the company has moved from a regional position to a national position with a foreign overlap.

2 employees


In 1997, Cecho became the first foreign representative of FCPK Bytów Polsko, manufacturer of standardized parts and a subsidiary of the American SUPERIOR company. Thanks to this cooperation, we ensure the sale of standardized parts for the manufacture and repair of plastic injection moulds, dies and press moulds.

In the same year, we started cooperation with the Italian Rambaldi + company, which produces miniature injection moulding machines and supplementary injection units for two cavity and multi cavity Babyplast injection moulding.


We are a company relying on the quality of our services; hence, ISO certification is a necessity. Therefore, Cecho was certified according to ISO 9001:2001 in 2004, and we regularly update the certification.

32 employees


In 2005, Cecho became a sole producer of components for ORYCON EU hot runners. We produce and service these injection systems.


In 2008, the company experienced an important milestone when it became a limited liability company due to the change of its legal identity. Since that time, we have continued under the name CECHO – BOHUMIL CEMPÍREK s. r. o.


Construction of a new production hall and administration building.

49 employees


Purchase of new equipment for the tool shop and the plastic injection moulding plant.


Representation of CUMSA, producer of standardized parts.


Retrofitting of the tool shop and the injection moulding plant. Development of production in the area of plastic injection moulding.

130 employees


Start of the storage extension project. Plan for the hall construction.

Certifikace QML dle normy IATF 16949.

145 employees

I say, let us be decent.

To each other and to the customers.
Let us not act like great guys who know everything.
Let us be decent, honouring one another.

After all, we are able to do something, move on and work on ourselves. We can further develop our company on this principle.

Bohumil Cempírek

Bohumil Cempírek sr.

Bohumil Cempírek