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Injection shop

We have been using modern injection machines from the very beginning . In this field we can offer you a comprehensive service from design up to injection of parts itself or we can assembly and send you complete parts.

We specialize in injection of small parts. One of our advantages is using the Babyplast micro injection machines.

We delivery our parts to automotive, household, electrical and other industries.

Injection shop equipment

We utilize the up-to-date Babyplast micro injection machine with camping force of 6,25 tons. Using vertical machines we are able to offer you overmolding technology. In our production we also put to work standard machines from Arburg and BM Biraghi.

We process all thermoplastic materials as follows: PP, PE, PS, ABS, PMMA, POM, PA, PBT, PEI, PC, PC+ABS, TPE and other materials according to customer´s request.

Machinery Production Clamping force (t) Tie bars distance (mm) Max. injection shot (cm3) Min. height of mold (mm) Max. height of mold (mm) Equipment
Arburg Allrounder 570C (1x) 2006 200 570x570 392 300 max. 950 core pull (1x), air blow (1x), conveyor belt
Arburg Allrounder 420C (1x) 2005 130 420x420 182 250 max. 750 core pull (1x), air blow (1x), conveyor belt
BM Biraghmi Sintesi 125 (1x) 2005 125 460x410 336 190 max. 500
Babyplast 6/10 (8x) 2001-2010 6,25 75x75 15 70 max. 180 core pull (1x), air blow (1x), controller zones
Babyplast 6/10P (3x) 2011 6,25 75x75 15 70 max. 180 core pull (1x), rotating table
Babyplast 6/10VP (1x) 2008 6,25 Beze sloupkový 36 - max. 119 extraction
Babyplast 6/10VP (1x) 2012 6,25 Beze sloupkový 36 - max. 119 rotating table
Babyplast I/10P (1x) external injection unit 2011 - - 15 - - 2K technologie