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Cecho (Bohumil Cempírek) company was founded in 1995 to sell and service German hot runner systems.

Since 1997 Cecho has been first foreign representation of FCPK Bytów Poland. FCPK is related company to American company SUPERIOR. Thanks to this cooperation Cecho trade with normalized parts for producing and mending injection moulds and die sets. In the same year Cecho started cooperating with Italian company Rambaldi + Co. Rambaldi + Co. is manufacturer of micro injection machines and Autonomous Injection Unit destined for two or more components injection.

Since 2004 Cecho company is certified by ISO 9001:2001.

In 2005 Cecho became exclusive producer of components for hot runner systems for ORYCON EU company.

In the year 2008 Cecho changed legal identity to CECHO – BOHUMIL CEMPÍREK s.r.o.

At present day our company represents number of foreing companies on Czech market and has its own tool shop and plastic moulding shop. We have gained great experience during fifteen years working with hot runner systems and tools for injection of plastic material so we can offer you complete solution of injection moulds from engineering design of mould to complete tool and in case of need we can offer you final production of required moulded parts.