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Babyplast is the fruit of experience gained from the millions of applications in the fields of medical - electronic - micro-mechanics and from years of research and experiments in the field of MICRO-INJECTION of thermoplastic materials, Ceramics and wax. The machine is ideal for producing small and microscopic parts and is suitable for processing all injectable thermoplastic materials.

The results achieved around the world, by our bench top machine Babyplast, together with the continued and constant developments in performance and applications, have brought it to be a leader in its field and thus able to take on the challenge to satisfy the demands of such an ample area.

BABYPLAST UAI I/10P - injection unit

  • A winning idea for Multi-shot injection
  • Allows the injection of two or more components using a traditional injection moulding machine.
  • It is fixed directly to the mould or machine platen, either horizontally or vertically.
  • It is completely autonomous regarding the hydraulics and electronics and the interface connections are made with the traditional machine using current free contacts. It can also be installed in automatic production lines.
  • Reduced dimensions 450x220mm h450mm volume max 36 cm3. An interface cable for Euromap 67 or Eurmap 12 is also available on request.